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11 11 Aliexpress Sale: 10 Things You Need To Know

Every year, Aliexpress.com is host to the biggest sale of the year and this year’s sale – which falls on November 11th – is no exception! If you’re eyeing a new pair of shoes or looking to buy some new clothes, make sure that you keep these 10 things in mind before you make any purchases.

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What is 11 11 Aliexpress sale?

The 11 11 Aliexpress sale is an annual event that takes place on November 11th. It is one of the biggest shopping days in China, and has become increasingly popular in recent years with international shoppers. During the sale, Alibaba (the company that owns Aliexpress) offers steep discounts on a wide range of products, from electronics to fashion.

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If you’re considering taking part in the 11 11 sale this year, there are a few things you need to know. First, it’s important to start your shopping early. The best deals sell out quickly, so if you see something you want, don’t wait. Second, be prepared for long shipping times. Because of the high demand during the sale, items can take longer than usual to arrive. Finally, don’t forget to use a VPN when shopping on Aliexpress. Some sellers block access from outside China, so a VPN will allow you to bypass these restrictions and access the full range of products on offer.

What are the 10 things you need to know about it?

  1. Aliexpress is having a sale from Nov 11-13.
  2. You can save up to 50% off on certain items.
  3. There are over 1 million products available during the sale.
  4. You can shop for clothes, shoes, electronics, and more.
  5. There is something for everyone during the sale.
  6. You don’t need a code to take advantage of the savings.
  7. The sale is only available online.
  8. Shipping times may be longer than usual due to the high volume of orders expected during the sale period.
  9. Some items may sell out quickly, so it’s best to shop early if you have your eye on something specific.
  10. This is a great opportunity to save on summer essentials and get a head start on your holiday shopping!

Shopping tips

When it comes to AliExpress, there are definitely some things you need to know in order to make the most out of any sale they may have. Here are some shopping tips:

  1. Check the seller’s feedback score before making a purchase – this will give you an indication of their reputation on the site.
  2. Make sure you understand the return policy before making a purchase. Some sellers do not accept returns, so you’ll want to be aware of that before buying anything.
  3. Pay attention to the shipping times listed on the product page. Some sellers ship from China and it can take several weeks for your item to arrive.
  4. If you’re looking for a specific item, use the search function on AliExpress to find what you’re looking for. You can also filter by price, shipping times, and more.
  5. Take advantage of AliExpress coupons! These can be found on various websites and can save you a lot of money on your purchase.
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When is the Aliexpress sale?
The Aliexpress sale is from November 11st-13th.
What can I expect during the sale?
During the sale, you can expect discounts on a variety of items including electronics, home goods, fashion, and more. You’ll also find a variety of flash deals throughout the sale.
How do I take advantage of the deals?
To take advantage of the deals, simply browse through the categories and look for items that are marked down. You can also sign up for notifications from your favorite sellers to be alerted when they have a deal going on.


Overall, the 11.11 Aliexpress sale is a great time to snag some good deals on popular items. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start shopping. First, make sure you know what you’re looking for and don’t get caught up in the hype of buying things you don’t need. Second, be patient and don’t expect to find everything you want in one day – the best deals usually sell out quickly so it’s worth checking back often. And finally, remember to use a credit card that offers cash back or rewards points so you can save even more money on your purchases. Happy shopping!

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